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Hi! I’m a coach and mentor, passionate about Mother Earth and committed to helping people live their best lives. After almost twenty years as a leader in the technology and consulting industries, I now spend my time helping other people to realise their dreams.I’ve explored many different ways of finding deep wisdom on my own journey, from weeks of yoga and meditation, to coaching and therapy, dreamwork and healing, constellations to bodywork.

I find the deepest place of connection to myself and the world around me in nature. I used to travel to remote places of the world with little more than a small backpack. I was very fortunate to journey into pristine natural environments before the global industrial system exploded to occupy almost every corner of our planet. It was a huge privilege to do this before our small world on a big planet became a big world on a small planet.


Now, I live and work in London and have come to find the same sources of deep wisdom in the green corners of this urban environment.


  • 2019-2021: Systemic constellations practitioner training, Sarasi Rogers, Devon.​

  • 2018-19: Integral coach training, Thirdspace, London.​

  • 2017: Vipassana meditation training, Bhante Samadhikusalo, Edale & Chiang Rai.

  • 2017: Yoga teacher training, Peak Beings, Hawaii.

  • 1998-99: MBA, Lancaster University Management School.​



  • Personal and corporate coaching, consulting and mentoring. Acting as guide for people seeking change.

  • YouthPoweringEarth2060: UK-India collaboration to create a young people's vision for the future. ​

  • Leading conversations on climate change with business leaders.​

  • Kingston University, London: Board member supporting the  good governance of one of the UK’s top 50 universities.​

  • California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco: PhD exploring twenty-first century consciousness of nature. ​


  • Leadership and teamwork at global  corporations including IBM & PwC.​


  • Mentor at King’s College, London, guiding young people in career decision-making.​


  • Teacher and mentor, London, Paris, Bogota, Madrid.

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“Gill brings a creative and people-focused approach to solving strategic problems and stimulating the process of change and innovation. Her depth of knowledge and passion for environmental matters in particular enables her to shape compelling visions of the future.”

Paul Monekosso Cleal, OBE, Non Executive Director and Advisor ​

"Gill is an astute, compassionate, mindful and incisive coach. She was able to work alongside me with deep curiosity and drive. I am so grateful to have taken this journey with Gill, it has been truly transformational and enlightening"

Neo Heny, Artist, Yoga Teacher and Therapist.​ ​

"My coaching journey with Gill began at a time when I was deciding the next steps in my career and wanted to get clarity on what was really driving my decision making. Gill's integrative approach helped me to get more attuned to my deeper thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Gill provided compassionate challenge and incorporated different tools into the programme, which I found valuable in helping me to focus on moving towards my goals."

Michelle, Management Consultant​

‘‘Your mentorship helped shine light on where I doubted myself, which path to take and my balance between work, family, myself. The sessions over a several month period were exactly what I needed then. Thank you so very much."

Daksha Madhu, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor​

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