If you’re curious about purpose, creativity, community and connection as well as making a difference in the world, let's talk about working together. We start with your question or issue. From there, we embark on a journey of exploration and transformation. I use use narratives and archetypes, systemic constellations, the Enneagram and ancient and modern wisdom in my coaching and consulting practice.


We can work face-to-face in London, UK or over Skype or Zoom. Our coaching might be one session or a longer programme. We design our work together to fit your needs and your schedule. We will meet at times that fit with the flow of your work and life.

I coach people of all genders and am committed to an inclusive practice. I believe that no one should experience discrimination on the basis of religion, race, colour, creed, disability, nationality, socio-economic status, gender, age, sexual preference, or any other form of diversity.

'Gill is an astute, compassionate, mindful and incisive coach. She was able to work alongside me with deep curiosity and drive to co-create a new narrative with and for me that would bring about the personal and professional transformations that I had been seeking. I am so grateful to have taken this journey with Gill; it has been truly transformational and enlightening' Neo, Artist, Yoga Teacher and Therapist.


'My coaching journey with Gill began at a time when I was deciding the next steps in my career and wanted to get clarity on what was really driving my decision making. Gill's integrative approach helped me to get more attuned to my deeper thoughts, beliefs and feelings, including physically - paying closer attention to my body. Gill provided compassionate challenge and incorporated different tools into the programme, which I found valuable in helping me to focus on areas where momentum was needed to move me closer towards my goals.' Michelle, Management Consultant

‘Your mentorship helped shine light on where I doubted myself, which path to take and my balance between work, family, myself.  The sessions over a several month period were exactly what I needed then. Thank you so very much.’ Daksha, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor