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I have always found deep wisdom in nature. I used to travel to remote places of the world with little more than a small backpack, out of contact for weeks and immersed in the awe of unspoilt landscapes. I was very fortunate to journey into pristine natural environments before the global industrial system exploded to occupy almost every corner of our planet. It was a huge privilege to do this before our small world on a big planet became a big world on a small planet.


Now, I live and work in London and have come to find the same sources of deep wisdom in the green corners of this urban environment. When I walk along the banks of the river Thames, the tidal inflow and outflow of the water reminds me that wherever we are, we are connected to the great oceans that sustain life on Earth. I like to work outdoors, surrounded by the vitality, diversity and raw life force of nature that inspires creativity and new ways of seeing and thinking.


Being in nature gives me a sense of the connectedness of our existence and reminds me of what it is to be human in the story of the cosmos. As Einstein said, ‘Look deep, deep into nature and then you will understand everything better’.

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