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In my work with people of all ages, I help my clients reconnect with their own intuition and inner wisdom. I help you listen closely to the insights of your heart, body and mind. Together, we will develop practices and discernment that support you in navigating your choices and decisions towards a happy, fulfilling, rewarding life. We will find the space and freedom that allows you to realise your potential. I use my training in integral coaching, family constellations, yoga and shamanic healing in my work. We will work out what works best for you! You might like to talk for an hour. Or we can constellate what's happening in your life right now.

We will explore and unblock the hidden obstacles in your way, leaving you more relaxed, freer and confident to make the right decisions for yourself.  I really believe that you are your own best guide! My job is done when you don’t need me any more. 

If you’d like to find out more, please book a free 30-minute chat and we can explore how we can work together.


“Gill brings a creative and people-focused approach to solving strategic problems and stimulating the process of change and innovation. Her depth of knowledge and passion for environmental matters in particular enables her to shape compelling visions of the future.”

Paul Monekosso Cleal, OBE, Non Executive Director and Advisor

"Gill is an astute, compassionate, mindful and incisive coach. She was able to work alongside me with deep curiosity and drive. I am so grateful to have taken this journey with Gill, it has been truly transformational and enlightening"

Neo Heny, Artist, Yoga Teacher and Therapist.​ ​

"My coaching journey with Gill began at a time when I was deciding the next steps in my career and wanted to get clarity on what was really driving my decision making. Gill's integrative approach helped me to get more attuned to my deeper thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Gill provided compassionate challenge and incorporated different tools into the programme, which I found valuable in helping me to focus on moving towards my goals."

Michelle, Management Consultant​

‘‘Your mentorship helped shine light on where I doubted myself, which path to take and my balance between work, family, myself. The sessions over a several month period were exactly what I needed then. Thank you so very much."

Daksha Madhu, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor​

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