Hi! I'm Gill Hall and I'm a coach, mentor and advisor. I work with people who want to shift paradigms in life and at work. For the past twenty years, I’ve led teams in strategy, finance and emerging tech in some of the world’s largest organisations. I spent most of my time with clients in government and the private sector creating radical new ways of doing business. Now I bring the same breakthrough approaches to the people I work with one-to-one and in groups.


My recent search for a renewed sense of purpose has taken me across the world to meet teachers who have shared ancient and modern wisdom with me. I work across many disciplines and incorporate a wide range of practices and teachings into my one-to-one and group work. I follow a European indigenous shamanic tradition called the Path of Pollen. I am a student of Bhante Samadhikusalo at Nirodha Worldwide. My perspective on consciousness and spirituality have been formed by the wonderful thinkers at the California Institute for integral Studies. I work across the connected spaces of mind, body and spirit. 

I share some of my thoughts on life and the universe in my blog …
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